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The Sona Project is a revolutionary blockchain-based platform designed to explore, measure and optimize human intelligence.

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Welcome to The Sona Project

Our Mission: to lift up bright minds from across the world.

Meet Sona

A magical NFT powered by your mind. Granting you access to a world of cognitive play, exploration and optimization. Unlock true self-discovery, self-advancement and self-enrichment designed for how we  work, learn and play in the modern world.


Sona is underpinned by cutting edge cognitive research and science, and provides gamified ways to test and optimise your intelligence.

Decentralized identity

Sona forms part of a sophisticated decentralized identity system. that keeps your data encrypted and completely n your custody


As you engage, play and learn your Sona changes to form a dynamic visual representation of your intelligence. Watch it change and evolve over time.

A cognitive passport

There's much more. As you play and build your cognitive data, Sona becomes a secure way to share and use your data across web3.
Current research and development

Welcome to Engram Corporation. A beacon in the darkness for over a century.

The ancient library

Housing humanity's knowledge

The foundations of human knowledge. For researchers, it grants an insight into human cognitive evolution; a vast trove of records holding discoveries, past and future.

Our laboratories

Capturing & tokenizing intelligence

Developing new advancements in cognitive science. Millions have been invested into our projects, we can assure that these projects are in the best hands, due to our dedication and capabilities.

Our roadmap for the mind

Currently classified

Stay tuned for more information on our roadmap for how we're revolutionizing discovery and optimization of intelligence.